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Our hie wheelsets are designed to give you the much needed edge without breaking the bank. Cutting edge innovation and thinking outside the box are very important to us and we’re excited to bring you top quality products at prices that you can afford.

Quality & Compatibility

Our wheels are hand built; there is no machine involved in lacing your wheels. We follow industry standard sizes and components.

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Wheel Tech

Our wheels have gone through extensive tests by both us and individual riders so that you can be satisfied that you’re using a reliable product.

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hie Cycling T-Shirts are available in Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. Proudly show your hie pride with our quality casual cycling gear!

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hie wheels are warrantied to the original customer for one year from the date of purchase

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About hie Cycling

If you are wondering about our company name hie, it’s a simple name that was chosen from the English language, meaning to go quickly, hasten, hurry, and speed. Pronounced as if to say hi. As it is hie and “ride with speed”, goes hand in hand with the product we provide. Your choosing our product will help you hie tail it on the road or dirt!

hie wheels are designed to give you the much needed edge without breaking the bank. Innovation and thinking outside the box are very important to us and we’re excited to bring you top quality products at prices that you can afford.

Whether you’re a weekend rider or a hardcore racer our goal is to provide you with a product that can exceed your needs. As a proponent to cycling and racing for of over 25 years we have recognized that various bike parts can put a damper on one’s wallet, limit what one truly can afford to purchase. Recognizing what cyclists’ demand has lead us to provide a product that is equal to all other manufactures at a more reasonable price point.

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About Our wheels

All of our wheels are hand built. There is no machine involved in lacing the wheels. We use standard type wheels, which make it easy for you to maintain. Tires and tubes do not have to be removed in order to replace or true the spokes. Because of the ease of maintenance there is no need to send the wheels back to our company to true or repair. With the ease of maintenance on our wheels you’ll save on time and the cost of shipping.

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Research & Development

Performance outweighs looks, though we believe we have positively established both. Our product has gone through extensive tests by both the company and individual riders so our customers can be satisfied that they are using a reliable product.

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Customer Testimonials

  • At the time of me writing this, my LL50 wheel set has just under 4,400 miles. That's 4,400 miles of the unavoidable hard hits of Vegas roads, heavy sprinting and climbing, and even a slight rear ending from an inattentive motorist. In that time, the wheels have needed almost no upkeep and truing. Absolutely no problems thus far. A literal "set and forget" wheel set. For somebody taking the plunge and investing in carbon race wheels for the first time, this was a great choice, and will probably be my only choice when it comes time to put some on future race machines. The value is all there. Dependable wheels for tangling about in the bunch. You put the power down, the wheels never miss a beat. I expect nothing more than many more hard miles with the trusty LL50's.
    Alex C.Alex C.Competitive Cyclist
  • As an engineer and bike racer I analyze data and recommendations before I commit to purchasing any products. I have specific expectations for overall life cycle costs while meeting my performance needs. I purchased my HIE LL38 wheels two years ago and they have met my expectations for performance, cost, and durability. I have logged thousands of miles with my HIE wheels in both everyday use and in races. They have maintained their side to side stiffness better than some other high-end carbon wheels I have used and have remained true since I bought them. I can confidently recommend HIE wheels for any rider who is looking for a quality wheelset.
    JDJDCompetitive Cyclist
  • In competition, every second can count. As a professional triathlete, I devote endless hours to training, am meticulous about nutrition, and donate my share of blood, sweat, and tears trying to earn those seconds. So, when the opportunity for "free speed" comes along, I don't turn it down! I started riding HIE wheels for the 2015 season and my found immediate improvement, posting splits 10+ minutes faster than the previous season (for Half Ironman distance). As a smaller rider, I prefer the SIZE wheels but like that there is the option to go either deeper or shallower depending upon preference. These wheels ride very smoothly and have maintained their integrity through the abuse I put them through in a season (lots of miles and frequent travels). I'm definitely glad I made the switch to riding HIE!
    Bailey H.Bailey H.Professional Triathlete