About HIE

Whether you’re a weekend rider or a hardcore racer our goal is to provide you with a product that can exceed your needs. As a proponent to cycling and racing for of over 25 years we have recognized that various bike parts can put a damper on one’s wallet, limit what one truly can afford to purchase. Recognizing what cyclists’ demand has lead us to provide a product that is equal to all other manufactures at a more reasonable price point. We strive to maintain a quality product and offer you customer service with total satisfaction and assurance.

If you are wondering about our company name “hie”, it’s a simple name that was chosen from the English language, meaning to go quickly, hasten, hurry, and speed. Pronounced as if to say hi. As it is “hie” and “ride with speed”, goes hand in hand with the product we provide. Our wheels will help you “hie” tail it on the road or dirt!