We strive to maintain a quality product, but if a situation occurs where the products fails under workmanship or the material is analyzed to be defected we will strive to correct the problem. Hie wheels are warrantied to the original customer for one (1) year from the date of purchase. The warranty is limited to the conditions below:

Warranty coverage exclusions:

  • Gran Fondos
  • Centuries
  • Alpine tours is specifically excluded.
  • Riders weighing over 200 pounds is excluded.
  • Use in events with downhill neutral roll out is excluded.
  • Damage using other than the supplied brake pads is excluded.
  • Off road use or use on unpaved roads is excluded.

The carbon-specific brake pads provided with our wheels are chosen to help dissipate heat on the wheel’s carbon fiber braking surface. Damage caused from heat buildup when other brake pads are used is not covered by the wheel warranty.

Any damage to our carbon fiber wheelsets under the conditions listed above that is not covered by the warranty could possibly be covered by our Crash and Damage Replacement policy.

Hubs have a one-year warranty from defects in workmanship and material starting from the day of purchase.

A wheel that is damaged from exceeding the rider weight limit voids the warranty.

These warranties cover only defects in materials and workmanship.  There is no warranty against normal wear and tear, misuse/mishandling, crashing, unintended usage, or exceptional events is expressed or implied.  This warranty covers only the parts in question and does not cover further damage or loss of use. No claims of fitness of use are expressed or implied.  Only the original purchaser is covered under the warranty.

If a warranty is deemed, the purchaser must initiate a claim by contact hie Cycling. Hie Cycling will then review the claim and if it is found to be valid Hie Cycling will then repair or replace at its own direction. Cost of shipment for warranty evaluation is to be the responsibility of the purchaser. If a claim is found that it necessitates a repair or replacement hie Cycling will pay for the return shipment.